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Inside knowledge

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The Synthetic Biology Project is giving the opportunity for people to win an iPod in what the project claims is a test to identify gaps in the public's knowledge. But to help you out, the quiz lets you know which are the right answers when you click the radio buttons.

The list of questions is a mixed bag that seems aimed more at insiders than outsiders. For example, I can't work out why anyone outside the field would give two hoots where the SB 4.0 conference took place, or any of them? And it gets one of the questions wrong: Jay Keasling is not working with E coli on the answer to question two but yeast. They found out at an early stage that yeast would give them fewer problems. Other projects might well use E coli but not that one.

Some of the other answers are, shall we say, weighted. You get three types of two-headed monster in one question versus "valuable chemicals". Guess which one is correct.

If the project wanted to survey the extent of knowledge of iGEM competitors, this is the quiz to use. For everyone else, just keep clicking the radio buttons until you get the right answers and fill in the form for the prize draw. But that's probably the point: getting more of the public on to a mailing list. I'll be signing up to see what the real outcome of this quiz is.

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